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Beating Up Bachman

Prepare to be consistently surprised...Rawley’s dialogue thrums with lived-in play’s end, you’re convinced you’re watching real people, and that’s a testament to Rawley’s writing and the cast’s chemistry.
-Dusty Somers,

Recommended by The Stranger!

When the three sisters of a small town dysfunctional family are set upon by emotional disaster and financial ruin, the men decide the best course of action is to find the son of a bitch responsible and kick his bony ass squarely into next week. The oldest sister desperately tries to hold everything together when all she really wants is just for everyone to get the hell out of her goddamn kitchen.

BASH Theatre and Radial Theater Project present Beating Up Bachman, a new play by Seattle-based playwright Wayne Rawley. The world premiere of Beating Up Bachman opens on January 25, 2013 at West of Lenin in Fremont (‘the center of the universe”), Seattle, Washington.

Bachman Photos
Bachman Photos
Bachman Photos

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The characters and relationships in Beating Up Bachman were developed in improvisational workshops conducted by the director, the playwright and the acting company beginning in late 2011. Playwright Wayne Rawley then wrote the script over the summer of 2012.


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